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Credit Crunch and Land

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

 Stock Market and Land

In the credit crunch and economic crisis it makes even more sense to have quality land as part of you portfolio for these reasons:

1. Its a hedge against inflation. The currency can be inflated by the politicians, but they can’t print anymore land.

2. It is a hedge against deflation. Deflation causes financial instituiton failures and that doesn’t effect your land.

3. It is not dependent on someone elses promise. Bank instruments, money market funds, stocks bonds are dependant on some company to fulfill its obligations. Land is yours, plain and simple.

4. All these bailouts will lead to higher taxes. Doesn’t effect land in the short term since you can just hold it and not sell.

5. Currencies can go up and down. Your land will stay.

6. No matter what happens, you have a nice piece of land that is yours. 

by Andreas Paramonoff