Locating a Remote Piece of Land

Purchasing a remote piece of property can be an exciting experience, but actually finding it can a big challenge. It can take a lot of research and effort in finding it.

On my first visit to a piece of property my research was useless because there was a gate on the road I thought I could use. I ended up going cross country with my compass and eventually I found the lot and I enjoyed a camp on my very own property.

In the time since I have encountered many people who have looked for property they bought and never found it. In fact, in for remote properties the vast majority of people I talked to did not find their land on their first trip.

This document should help in getting started in finding remote properties.

by Andreas Paramonoff

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2 Responses to “Locating a Remote Piece of Land”

  1. Bob H Says:

    Thank-you for the detailed description on how to find land in old platted subdivisions. You mentioned that some 70’s subdivisions that had no development could have roads in the wrong location. Do you know what the legal situation is with these roads? Can they be moved?

  2. Andreas Paramonoff Says:

    If the roads are put into the correct locations and maintained then the new roads will be used by everyone.

    Although someone who used the incorrently placed may legally acquire an easement for the incorrectly placed raod, after a certain time period (dependent on the state laws) the ability for someone to claim the easement will disappear. i.e. a prescriptive easement will expire if abandoned unlike a granted easement

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